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Now you can eliminate years of wasted time learning how to find the best stocks to buy or sell and take a shortcut to making money while you free up your time and energy to do other things you want to do!

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Dear Fellow Investor or Trader,

I’ve heard a lot of people say over the years that they learned “the hard way” or went through ‘the school of hard knocks” when it came to investing or trading. And they lost thousands of dollars by making the typical beginner mistakes. Maybe you lost money yourself. But you don’t have to go through all that pain and suffering – it is totally unnecessary to lose large amounts of money as your “cost of tuition” to learn the hard way. Actually, that’s a total myth!

Most importantly, you can consistently make a lot of money by following a few simple steps AND getting your ideas from the Top 10 Stocks Report. And I mean far more money than you can by a picking a mutual fund and “hoping” it goes up or trying to get a few stock tips from a TV analyst.

Hi guys, my name is Mitch King and I am the founder of TradeStocksAmerica and Top I’ve been trading for over 19 years now and I still love it. I love it because I continually learn easier ways of making more money and it gives me a lifestyle like no other job! All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a consistent flow of good stock ideas and a little training. And I’ll give you the last two items at the highest level . . . for FREE!

If you watched the video above, you already know the offer we're making and if you have already made the decision to get "The Top 10 Stocks Report" for FREE today and get "Trade With The Pros" for FREE then click here to go straight to the checkout.

Put Yourself in a Position to Make Money – Lots of It!
Top 10 Stocks is a daily service where you’ll get the Top 10 best long ideas, Top 10 best short ideas and the Top 10 best ETFs (exchange traded funds) for 5 days a week (updated after regular trading hours). This means you will be ready to make money the next day whether or not the stock market goes up or goes down AND you can use buy and sell these ETF ideas to make money with your IRA when stocks go up or down. And it takes less than 10 minutes a day to choose a stock and put an order in your brokerage account.

Why is Top 10 Stocks So Effective?
The secret behind Top 10 Stocks is the advanced way our computers evaluate a stock. Thousands of stocks are analyzed everyday by a variety of metrics such as buying or selling pressure and exhaustion, momentum, price action, volume, market sentiment and other technical indicators. And we organize and rank them in THREE lists for you to choose from: (See the three different tabs below?)

You will have THREE lists of stocks to choose from each day and it only takes minutes a day.
One list is the top 10 best LONGS on that day for you to consider buying, the stocks that are most likely to go up. A second list is the top 10 SHORTS, the ones most likely to go down, which you can make money by “selling short” as these stocks go down in price. A third list is the best ETF’s (exchange traded funds) ready to buy and they trade just like stocks. You can buy these ETF’s in your IRA and make money when stocks go up OR down. You don’t have to wait to get the end of day pricing like mutual funds—you buy and sell when you click submit from your brokerage firm account and get the current price within a couple of seconds.

All of these ideas are primed to go in the direction of these three lists. . . up, down, up, respectively. Plus we have a sentiment indicator that gives our opinion of which direction the market is likely going to move for the next week. We suggest you go long when the sentiment indicator is in the green and consider being on the short side when the sentiment indicator is in the red.

Take Charge of Your Money and Make it Work For You!

There is one thing we can all agree upon and that’s the fact that we all have to earn money throughout our life. But what's even better are the profits you can make off your earnings. Money makes money and that’s what I’m talking about here.

Gone are the days of working at the same job for your whole career. In today’s economy you got to make things happen for yourself! If you don’t have enough money to live on, the government won’t bail you out. So let’s get you all set up and making money.

Using the Top 10 Stocks report every day is the most effective, most practical way of making 7-15% in a matter of weeks and it is easy. And it is the highest odds strategy that consistently makes money in all markets.

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This is the Kind of Ideas We Are Going to Give You!

The biggest problem people have is knowing what to buy, when to buy it and when to sell. And that’s what we do at Top—solve the biggest problem of investors. You will get all types of trading ideas from a few longer term holds to shorter term positions that may last for days to weeks. Here are some examples of the type of ideas below: Top 10 stocks page stock chart.

You can see here a buy and sell signal and we will post those signals immediately in the Top10 stocks members’ page each day after the market closes so you can review the list for the next day. This saves you a lot of time from having to find good stocks to buy and monitoring when to buy and sell. Again, we do all the work for you and give you the highest quality stocks to buy and short for each trading day. Look at the ETF below (exchange traded fund) . . . .

Here is a chart of an ETF called UNG, US Natural Gas Fund ETF and you can see here a clear buy and sell signal. We give you these buy and sell signals that our proprietary software scans thousands of stocks and hundreds of ETF’s every day to get you the optimum time to buy and sell. And this only cost $59.99 a month plus . . . .

We’ll give you a FREE 30 day trial to try Top 10 Stocks AND we’ll also give you our world class trading and investing course “Trade With the Pros” just for trying our service!

If you wanted to know how we make money in the stock market we are sending you a world class trading and investing dvd course just for trying our Top 10 stocks service and you can keep this even if you cancel, just pay a one-time shipping and handling of $19.95 to get the package to your home or office. And you can try the Top 10 stocks for FREE for 30 days. If you want to keep the Top 10 stocks coming your way every day you will be billed $59.99 a month unless you tell us to cancel – and you can keep the Trade With the Pros dvd course for FREE either way.

Plus we show you other trading techniques in this course that you can use too. "Trade With The Pros" teaches you how easy it is to recognize when to buy and when to sell. You will learn how to let your winners run and cut your losses on the losers. But don’t worry, we will suggest what stocks to consider and suggest the most optimum time when to buy and sell.

“Trade With the Pros” shows you how professionals look at the financial markets and why putting the odds in your favor is critical in this market.

The result of investing this way dramatically shortens the time it takes to stop working your job and getting on to doing what you have been wanting to do. Everybody has a dream of doing something they have always wanted or having a lifestyle where they could do anything at any time. Why not make that happen sooner and do what you have always wanted to do. Life is too short to not try to go after something that you have been wanting to do. Be aggressive, go after it! Top 10 stocks page ETF chart (in Mitch’s laptop pictures folder) UNG, US Natural Gas – Lightning chart

This three DVD training course is FREE with a 30 day FREE trial of Top 10 Stocks service (You get Top 10 stocks LONG, Top 10 stocks SHORT and ETF’s too)!

It is not necessary to study this course in order to make money with the Top 10 stocks service. But if you wanted to understand the logic behind how we choose stocks in the Top 10 Stocks lists, then here you go.

Most People Learn the Hard Way

The unfortunate truth for many people is . . . they experience unnecessary financial loss, emotional frustration, cutting their winners short, and letting their losses run. But with Top 10 Stocks service, you will know what to buy, when to sell and which direction you should be positioning yourself in the market.

The challenge is always what to buy, when to buy it, and when to sell but with Top 10 stocks (When the odds are heavily in your favor!)

To make money, you need to know what to buy and when to sell or when to short to make money when stocks go down. But most people don’t have the time or knowledge how to do that so that is why we developed a service to do that for you. And our stock ideas are not based on feelings and hunches but on complex mathematical calculations such as when a stock is getting more buyers vs. sellers. But you don’t have to do any of those calculations or deciding, it is all done for you. Just choose stock ideas from the three lists we update every day after the trading session is over and place your order in your brokerage account.

Most traders are faced with buying expensive software, learning complex mathematical formulas, etc.

But you don’t have to do any of those calculations because we post these stock ideas for you on our report . . . . Every day! And we give you those ideas at the optimum time to buy and we suggest when to sell. Our Top 10 Stock Report is updated every day after the market closes so you can be ready to review for the next day. The benefit you have is this gives you a very high chance at making money without having to do any research or decision making what stock to buy or sell and when.

We know you don’t have the time to do the research on top in addition to life’s duties (family, work, play) so we have laid it all out for you so you can do other things you like.

How do you get your ideas now? Read something on the internet, read a magazine or paper, get some email pushing a stock or listen to some analyst on TV? DO they tell you when to buy or sell? There are a lot of good companies but that doesn’t mean you will make money on the stock. You have to know when to buy and sell. And that is no small task because you will have to learn how to interpret charts, maybe study fundamental data, and technical data – all of which takes time away from things you would rather do. That is why we developed world class software to scan the market and deliver you the highest quality stock and ETF ideas for you to buy or short at the most optimum time.

Have you ever been one of the people who follow TV analysts to get their stock ideas? Remember these analysts don’t know how to trade, do not know exactly when to buy or when to sell. And these analysts have no risk because they are paid salary + bonus by their employers. They don’t have to be accurate because they are safe in their cubicles writing reports. And that costs you a lot of money listening to them.

Look at these two charts above. This isn’t some Photo Shop trick. This is our software that our powerful servers are searching every day to deliver the best ideas for you to make money with the highest probability at the lowest cost to you and save you a lot of time and pain to find these ideas.

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So How Much Does It Cost?
You can buy "Trade With The Pros” on our web site. It's a value at $497, and as you can see from the testimonials in the video above, the general consensus is that it's well worth it. It is an excellent price for the QUALITY and VALUE and really worth many times that considering how much the knowledge could make money for you as well as prevent you from making many mistakes. And people think it was well worth the investment.

However, if you watched the video at the beginning of this sales letter, you know that we're going to GIVE YOU "Trade With The Pros" dvd training course for FREE, just for trying "The TOP 10 STOCK REPORT" for FREE for 30 days.
That's just for TRYING The Top 10 Stock Report.

Your only cost is $19.95 shipping and handling today for US Domestic/Canada, Foreign Orders - $38.90) so we can pay the guy to put it in the box and ship it to you.

It will feel like you have a professional trader over your shoulder teaching and mentoring you what to do and what to be on the looking for. Remember, these is the exact material that many have spent thousands of dollars to learn at our seminars, webinars and trading room.

The Top 10 Stock Report isn't just a play on words – it really does give the best ideas for the next trading day and a sentiment indicator to suggest whether longs or shorts are working best.

If you had the time, ability and training, you still couldn’t come up with so many good trading ideas that are ready to move at that moment. Look again at the two charts above and see that we are going to give you the buy and sell signals the day we get them so you can be ready to take action the next trading day.

That’s why this service is so critical to your success and why it is important to start now. There is a certain number of people that we are going to take with this service and then cut it off to new subscribers because we don’t want too many people “moving the market.”

And for you guys that have been around for a while know this can happen. We want this to be as equal and fair as possible for everyone! Look what happened when Dan Dorfman gave a stock idea on TV in the early 90s or with Jim Cramer 13 years ago? They moved the market where people didn’t have a fair chance at getting in at a good price.

People ask us frequently, “How do I Get started” and “How do I know when is time to stop learning and start DOING?" The answer is to START DOING IT NOW! Do this EACH DAY and you just aren't going to believe how much REAL, MEASURABLE, and PROFITABLE progress you're going to make in your stock trading and investing.

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How much would it mean to make an extra $500/month, $1,000/month or even $5,000/month in your brokerage or retirement account? Do you know what happens to traders without this high quality stock picks? They waste years of floundering around looking for the next big idea while getting frustrated and probably poor returns.

You can test it out during the 30 day FREE trial period (and only $59.99 per month afterwards).

We aren’t kidding. If you agree to TRY the FREE trial of "The Top 10 Stock Report" where you get the Top 10 stocks long, Top 10 stocks short and Top 10 ETFs we’ll send you the ‘ Trade With The Pros” dvd training course for FREE, too. You only pay shipping and handling of $19.95 today for USA/Canada, Foreign - $38.90).

You don't pay ONE PENNY MORE unless you decide that you LOVE "The Top 10 Stock Report" and want to get continuing the Top 10 Stocks Report at just $59.99 per month after the 30 day free trial We are so confident in the quality and value of our service that we're risking EVERYTHING we've spent developing and producing Trade With the Pros dvd course.

We know you're going to LOVE using our daily service, because the odds are you are going to start making MORE MONEY from your online trading RIGHT AWAY.

Once you do that, you're going to stick with "The TOP 10 STOCK REPORT" for a long, long time.

Working harder won’t make up for lost time. But making your money work harder will. Work smarter, not harder.

Learn these valuable secrets that are taught in our expensive 2 day seminars and expertly presented in the "Trade With The Pros" course – a world class stock trading and investing course - a $497 value - FOR FREE.

All you need to do is TRY the "The Top 10 Stock Report," - ALSO for FREE for 30 days.

Pay only shipping and handling of $19.95 today (US/Canada, Foreign - $38.90).

If you LOVE IT and want to keep getting daily Top 10 Stock Reports, you'll be billed $59.99 a month, after the 30 day FREE TRIAL period.

If you decide to cancel, which you can do so EASILY, and with NO HASSLES – you can do that ANY TIME before your next billing ($59.99 a month) very easily online. And you can keep the Trade With the Pros course just for trying.

Sign me upYES! SIGN ME UP! I want to try "The TOP 10 STOCK REPORT" right now for 30 days FREE, Get "Trade With The Pros" for FREE, and pay ONLY $19.95 S&H today! (USA/Canada - $19.95, Foreign - $38.90)

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Securities used as examples presented in this instruction course are used for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell individual securities. Past performance shown in examples may not be indicative of future performance.
Trading securities can involve high risk and the loss of any funds invested.